Rethinking Your Views on Stretching ~ Commentary by Chrys Kub PT, E-RYT 500

WHY I have TOTALLY Changed how I teach and practice yoga postures.... Are you going to lots of deep stretch yoga classes? Does this really serve you? If it helps you relax and restore, great! But if you are not practicing these deep stretches in a controlled way, you may not be helping yourself as much as you think!

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Yoga and Heart Health by the American Heart Association

Yoga could boost heart health! The history of yoga stretches back as far as ancient India, when people practiced it to increase their tranquility and spiritual insight. Today, many Americans enjoy it to help them relax and increase their flexibility — and may even improve their heart health.

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Rollasana Yoga: Integrate Foam Rolling and Yoga Asana: Feel AMAZING!

Stop all that Stretching and Start to ROLL YOUR " ASS” ANA! As a physical therapist integrating yoga into my work with clients to help them get out of pain and move more efficiently, I have frequently been asked my opinion on the use of foam rolling and the benefit of static stretching. We are now learning more about how to use these tools to improve our efficiency of movement.

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