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Chrys Kub, PT, ERYT 500 Program Director

200 & 500 HR RYT Yoga School

500/800/1000 HR Yoga Therapy Trainings

Weekend Immersions Ongoing

Yoga Alliance Registered School, CEC's Available

International Association of Yoga Therapists Member School

Melanie Snyder, RYT 500, Director of School



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What Makes Yoga Club's Teacher Training Program Unique?

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About Us

Yoga Club and Holistic Yoga Therapy Institute offer both a  200 Hour and  500 Hour Yoga Alliance registered teacher training program.  Additionally, we offer a  Therapeutic Yoga training program at the 200 Hour, 500 Hour, 800 and 1000 Hour levels, as a member school with the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Our programs are open to those pursuing their certificates of completion, in addition to serious students looking to deepen their understanding of yoga and their personal practice.  For those looking to continue their education beyond the 500 Hour level we also offer a 1000 Hour Certificate of Completion for the very serious student of yoga!

Yoga Club’s teacher training programs are uniquely designed to provide you both the depth and breadth of knowledge necessary to teach many different styles of yoga, or create your own unique style of yoga.  Additionally, both our 200 & 500 hour programs are on-going, providing you flexibility as you choose the weekends of interest to complete your educational requirements within as little as 6 months up to 3 years.

Our 200 hour teacher training program is designed to provide you with the skills necessary to teach yoga, no matter which style you choose to teach. Through this program, we’ll show you how to implement skills to deepen your practice, teach a variety of styles of asana practice, and develop a keen eye to help students properly grow their practice.  Click to view more details on our 200 Hour Training Program.

Our 500 hour and Therapeutic Yoga teacher training program is designed to deepen this knowledge base allowing you to further your skills as a yoga instructor.  By allowing you to select from among a variety of teacher training immersions, this program also allows you the flexibility to tailor your training towards your specific advanced education desires.  Click to view more details on our 500 Hour Training Program.  More information about our Therapeutic Yoga Training Program.

Within each program, weekend immersions will be led by many of the regions and nations best instructors, each teaching within their respective area of expertise allowing you access to the their wealth and depth of knowledge.  Additionally, Holistic Yoga Therapy Institute has a wonderful mentoring program.  Through this mentoring program you may (i) contact mentors for guidance anytime, (ii) receive feedback on homework, class sequences or anything else you may need, (iv) pursue practice teaching and assisting opportunities, and (iv) set up community yoga classes which Yoga Club will help to promote to help get you started teaching post graduation!

No other teacher training program offers this unique opportunity, introducing instructors to the influences of so many different styles of and approaches to yoga through experts in each field, and at a very affordable price. "It's not just your average teacher training program!"TM   For more information about either our 200 Hour Training Program or  500 Hour Training Program please click on the links above.  Click to view pictures of our past teacher training programs or to learn more about our referral program and how you can earn credits towards our workshops and immersions.

For more information about our faculty and their credentials please view their bios.

Therapeutic Yoga Training Programs

Yoga Club's Holistic Yoga Therapy Institute also offers an advanced Therapeutic Yoga Training Program at the 200, 500, 800 and 1000 hour levels.  Our 200 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Program is designed for the practicing health care professional with an established yoga practice of at least one year.  This program offers a 200 Hour Yoga Certificate of Completion with a Concentration in Yoga Therapy.  Our 500/800/1000 hour program is designed for anyone wishing to pursue a Therapeutic Yoga Certificate of Completion.  In order to participate in our 500 and 800 hour program you must either currently hold or be pursuing a 200 hour certificate of completion with Yoga Club or another Yoga Alliance registered school. We have submitted an application of our yoga therapy program, and will be able to provide information on our status after IAYT completes it's review process.   More information about our Therapeutic Yoga Programs.

Yoga Club is a Yoga Alliance Registered School, RYS

Yoga Club is registered as both a 200 Hour and 500 Hour Yoga School with Yoga Alliance such that you can receive your RYT status at the appropriate level post graduation.  Yoga Club's Holistic Yoga Therapy Institute is a member school with the International Association of Yoga Therapists; as such we also offer Therapeutic Yoga Training Programs which can be pursued in parallel with your 200 or 500 Hour Yoga Alliance training (ie, hours can simultaneously count towards both your 200 or 500 Hour RYT training and your Therapeutic Yoga training).  To find out more about our program please contact chryskub@yogaclub.us  Registration information is available at the above links.   

Continuing Education Credits (CEC's)

Each of the weekends included in this program are led by an E-RYT (or an Experienced Registered Yoga Instructor) or documented expert in their filed of study.  As such, each weekend training is eligible for CEC's with Yoga Alliance.  For more information about CEC's please visit the Yoga Alliance website at http://www.yogaalliance.org/content/continuing-education-units-requirements  or for detailed instructions about how to list your earned CEC's with Yoga Alliance please visit our Continuing Education Credits page.

Yoga Club Teacher Training ~ A Wide Angle View

Yoga is not a static, dogmatic practice - it is a living, evolving art that has room to welcome all types of teachers and practitioners. This is one of the reasons why the Yoga Club Teacher Training program prepares us in such a comprehensive way - to give students a wide angle view on the various ways yoga can be taught, to best be able to serve their specific community of students. For instance, the styles of Ashtanga, and Iyengar ~ two very different yoga practices, actually originated from the same teacher - Krishnamacharya. Krishnamacharya met Patthabi Jois when Patthabi was 13 years old. Given his age and level of energy, Krishnamacharya gave Patthabi Jois a vigorous practice, possibly to tire him out enough to be able to meditate! Thus the creation of the traditional Ashtanga practice generally considered a very vigorous and challenging style of yoga. The same teacher, Krishnamacharya, met B.K.S. Iyengar when Iyengar was in rather poor health. As such, Krishnamacharya created for him a slow, mindful practice with a great focus on alignment, in addition to many props and bolsters. For Iyengar, Krishnamacharya had to offer him peace of body (given his ailments) in order to offer him peace of mind. This is one of many examples of the ways in which yoga is a flexible system of therapy, unique in its application, focusing on the needs of each student at a particular time in their life. It takes an intuitive, well-trained, and dedicated teacher to really use their yoga skills to get the best out of each student ~ rather than apply a system by rote or routine. Through Yoga Club’s Teacher Training, we offer a wide and open angle to the art and soul of yoga.

What Students and Instructors are Saying About Our Program?

"I can't express enough my satisfaction with the Holistic Yoga Therapy Institute's program and all the teacher trainers sharing their time and expertise! When I chose to embark down the training process for my 500hr and Therapeutic Certifications I looked at ALL the options I had available to me at the time. I confirmed my acceptance with this program not only because of the level of convenience and flexibility with regards to the schedule and payment, but also the high caliber of instructors that are appointed to lead these trainings. Prior to beginning the program much of my background and formal training was Alignment (Iyengar), and although I continue to use that knowledge as a strong foundation in my teaching, I have enjoyed softening my perspective in regards to the alignment in asanas for different structural bodies and know that I am a better instructor due to these teachings. I have had the opportunity to integrate several of the techniques I've learned during this training with the oncology population I work with and have found a wonderful response to the practice. I would recommend this RYS to anyone looking to deepen their practice, gain knowledge from reputable instructors or touch the lives of others through the power and grace of yoga." ~ Kristy Price E-RYT 200, RYT 500, IAYT Member (Participant in 500 HR Yoga Therapy Training)

"I began with The Yoga Club in the Spring of 2012 working towards my 500 hr RYT. I was thrilled when they added a 500 hr Therapeutics track a few months later! The flexibility of their program and the variety of the workshops and teachers is extraordinary. The teachers and staff are always very supportive, open, and willing to give you all the tools you need to be successful. I would recommend The Yoga Club to any yogi who wants to deeper their own practice or, advance their love and knowledge of yoga!" ~ Michele Schmidt Yoga Personal Trainer, ERYT 200, RPYT (Participant in 500 HR Training)

"Taking Yoga Club's teacher training was one of the best decisions I could have made. I learned the details and the importance of yoga by studying all different kinds of styles from kids yoga to prenatal to anusara, to vinyasa....and the list goes on. It has truly been an amazing experience. Not only have I met a wonderful group of people I now call my good friends, but I have also gained a considerable amount of knowledge about life, and yoga that I can carry with me forever! I can't wait to sign up for the 500 hr training."  ~Michelle Arndt, RYT 200 (Participant in YC 200 Hour Training)

"Allow me to congratulate you on the excellent caliber of training in your Yoga Teacher Training Course. People don't believe it when I tell them how fantastic it is to be learning at 6:55 pm on a Sunday evening, after a long weekend of yoga. Every phase of the course has been A+++ (off of the charts!), and that's from someone who has trained several massage teachers. Great job!"  ~Lenny Martineau PhD, LMBT, RYT 200 (Participant in YC 200 Hour Training)

"I worked with Melanie and the team at Yoga Club to receive my 200 RYT certification over the past year. Each of the teachers for the diverse trainings I attended was amazing - skilled not only in their area of expertise but their ability to relay their craft to others effectively. The flexibility to choose classes and subjects that work for your schedule is a wonderful idea and the only way I could have received the training at this point in my life. I would highly recommend this program to anyone considering certification." ~Meghan  McDonald RYT 200, Owner Mc2 Athletics

"After a weekend packed with 24 hour of Yoga With Yoga Club Charlotte in this summers 200 hour teacher training certification, I can now say I know I found the perfect course. My eyes have been opened little by little with bits of knowledge letting me see the light of the world we live in." ~Joseph Snider RYT 200 (Participant in YC 200 Hour Training)

"I want to mega thank Yoga Club for educating & training me.  The integrative approach that Yoga Club takes on to train Yoga Teachers through multiple E-RYT's who are dedicated & passionate of their skill sets is why I chose to be trained & educated by Yoga Club. In the Marine Corps one individual does not educate & train you. It takes multiple individuals who are experts in their skills to create a Marine. Yoga Club takes the same approach to create Yoga Teachers. The choice was natural for me to pursue my 200 hours & ready to continue on to 500 hours. I recommend Yoga Club because of its multi faceted approach to education & training! During all the Immersion Weekends the teachers were outstanding in their curriculum & training. It was an honor to be their student. All the other students that I have met have demonstrated themselves to be amazing & will also be a part of my history. I know I am a better SELF because of Yoga Club & the students whom I shared this journey with."  ~Alvaro Matta, RYT 200, Nutritionist, US Marine, Co-Founder Semper Fidelis Health & Wellness

"Thank you so much to Yoga Club. I first went to a training weekend for CE for my 200hr Cert. I was so impressed and excited about how the program was structured that I signed up to take my 500hr Cert with them and also to get my certification for Yoga Therapy. The diversity of the styles and teachers involved in the program is wonderful and reflects the wide range of styles and options of yoga that there are now. I love how you can choose your weekends from the list to make the course work with whatever schedule you have. It is laid out very well so you know what weekends you need and which are optional. They are constantly adding new weekends and options. I love training with Yoga Club and cannot imagine life without them!" ~ Talei Allen RYT 200 (Participant in 500 HR and Therapeutic Yoga Training), www.taleiyoga.com



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