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Yoga Therapy Training Program

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 Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School

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What is a 200 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Certificate?

What is a 500 Hour Therapeutic Yoga  Certificate?

What is a 1000 Hour Yoga Therapy Certificate?

What is a Specialty Program Yoga Therapy Certificate?

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As approaches to health care continue to focus on wellness and preventative care, Yoga has become and will continue to be a primary vehicle for wellness programs of the future.  Yoga's unique ability to promote health and healing at not only the physical level, but also the emotional, and spiritual levels make it a unique integrative wellness tool.  The demand for the inclusion of Yoga in mainstream wellness approaches at hospitals, businesses, schools, universities, camps, physical rehabilitation centers, substance abuse centers, and a many other wellness programs has continued to increase.  As such, a the ability to offer private Therapeutic Yoga sessions provides a variety of career opportunities. Additionally, the ability to bring the principals of Therapeutic Yoga into a group class setting will provide for a more safe, fun, and effective experience for students.  Each of these career avenues require training beyond the 200 Hour level. Yoga Club's Therapeutic Yoga Training Program is a vehicle to help bring this new vision of wellness to fruition. Yoga Club's Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Program is registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists as a member school. 

Who Should Participate in this Program?

Would you like to pursue an advanced training in Therapeutic Yoga? Would you like to have a comprehensive knowledge of how to modify a yoga class for individual students needs, taking into account any physical limitations they may have? Would you like to build or increase your comfort level in teaching private lessons?  Would you be interested in teaching group therapeutics such as Yoga for Seniors, Yoga for Cancer, Heart Disease, or Diabetes,  or Therapeutic Yoga for Kids?  Would you like to be able to tailor your personal practice to your body in a way you've not yet been able to in a regular classroom setting? Yoga Club's Therapeutic Yoga training is designed to empower you as a skilled therapeutic Yoga teacher.  Through our program you will:

1) Have the tools to work with many different clients who have a variety of structural or health issues.

2) Learn how to work with clients in one-on-one sessions, small group sessions, group classes and workshops.

How will This Program Be Structured?

We offer Therapeutic Yoga Trainings at the 200 hour, 500 hour, 800 and 1000 hour levels.  Our 200 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Concentration is designed for the practicing health care professional with an established yoga practice of at least one year. This program offers a 200 Hour Yoga Certificate with a concentration in Therapeutic Yoga.  For more information visit this link. . Our 500 hour Therapeutic Yoga program is designed for anyone wishing to pursue a Therapeutic Yoga Certificate.  In order to participate in our 500 hour program you must either currently hold or be pursuing a 200 hour certificate with Yoga Club or another Yoga Alliance registered school (prior to receiving your 500 hour certificate you must have fully completed your 200 hour certificate and be able to provide your graduation certificate).  Additionally, we offer a 800 and 1000 Hour Yoga Therapy Certificate (200 HR RYT + 800 Hours).  Students pursuing a 1000 Hour training may first receive their 500 hour Therapeutic Yoga certificate while completing the remaining hours required for a 1000 certificate.

We also offer a  Yoga Therapy Specialty Certificate Program option in the areas of Structural Yoga Therapy, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy,  and Yoga for Holistic Healing of Medical Conditions.  The Structural Yoga Therapy Certificate is being rolled out in the summer of 2014.  We will be providing the other Specialty Certificate programs as they roll out during 2015.  These programs allow you to get a certificate in a specialty area as a stand alone certification for you or as part of your 800 or 1000 hour Yoga Therapy Certificate.  This program also allows you to earn ACE CEU's for the hours attended. 

 500 HR Therapeutic Yoga Program

(This is a 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Program.)

  • Students must have completed a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Program (from any school)

  • Students MUST complete the following Therapeutic Immersions within their additional 300 Hours with Holistic Yoga Therapy Institute:

  • Structural Assessment for Yoga Therapy (Complete 2 Immersions) ~50  hours

  • Yoga as Holistic Healing for Medical Conditions (Complete  2 of 3 immersions offered) ~50 hours

  • Structural Anatomy of Yoga (~25 hours)

  • The Art and Science of Meditation and Pranayama (~25 hours)

  • Restorative Yoga (~25 hours)

  • Yoga for Mental Wellness (~25 Hours) ~ Options include:

    • LifeForce Yoga's Yoga for Anxiety & Depression with Amy Weintraub or Joy Bennett

    • Yoga for Mental Wellness with Anje Seufert, E-RYT 200 MSc Counseling

    • Yoga for Chronic Pain and Common Medical Conditions with Marlysa Sullivan  E-RYT 500

    • Yoga for Post Traumatic Stress & Trauma with Holle Black, RYT 500

  • Ayurvedic Medicine ( Complete 1 of 3 immersions offered)  (~25 hours)

All remaining hours must be completed within immersions labeled as Therapeutic.  We highly recommend the following to the extent that they fit with your schedule and education desires: Iyengar Yoga (~25 hours), Yin Yoga (~25 hours), Restorative Yoga (~25 hours), Raw Yoga (~25 Hours), Yoga for Seniors Part I(~17 Hours), Therapeutic Yoga for Kids (~25 Hours) and more. 

Additionally, a final project to demonstrate integration of practical application must be completed.

  • Teach 5 students successfully and provide case studies on their progress. View Example Case Studies

  • Provide testimonials from these 5 people.

  • Film a one hour session of you teaching a private session.

Upon successful review of your submission, you will receive a 500 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Certificate which may be registered with Yoga Alliance (please note that Yoga Alliance currently only recognizes the 500 Hour portion of this program, not the Therapeutic Yoga designation).  If you are unable to meet the requirements for completion, you may resubmit for review after constructive feedback, or receive a 500 RYT Hour certificate without a Therapeutic Yoga Certificate.

Quick Reference of Designation Options

  • 200 Hours = 200 RYT

  • 200 RYT + 300 Hours = 500 RYT (Therapeutic or Non-Therapeutic YA)

  • 200 RYT + 300 Hours + 150 Hours (450 total hours within Therapeutics) = Grandfathered  Designation. This is only applicable to students who started our program and received approval from our program director prior to 12/31/13.  We have submitted an application to IAYT for accreditation of our yoga therapy program, and will be able to provide information on our status after IAYT completes its review process.

  • 800 Hours (Within Therapeutics) = 800 Hour Certificate in Therapeutic Yoga.

  • 200 RYT as Health Care professional specializing in therapeutics + 800 Hours (within Therapeutics) =  1000 Certificate in Therapeutic Yoga.

Can I Pursue my 500 Hour RYT While Pursuing my Therapeutic Yoga Certificate?

YES!  You can simultaneously pursue your 500 Hr Yoga Alliance certificate and your Therapeutic Yoga Certificate as offered by Holistic Yoga Therapy Institute  as both of these designations would simply require 500 training hours.  You may also pursue your 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Certificate simultaneously with your Therapeutic Yoga Certificate.   

We have submitted an application to IAYT for accreditation of our yoga therapy program, and will be able to provide information on our status after IAYT completes its review process. 

Yoga Therapy Specialty Certifications

Along your path to obtaining your certificate in Yoga Therapy, you can earn Specialty Certifications in areas of interest.  For example, if you know that you would like to start out working with clients with musculo skeletal disorders, you may opt to earn your 90 hour Certificate in Structural Yoga Therapy.  This provides an opportunity for you to gain a concentrated education in your area of interest in 6 to 8 months.  Upon completion of each program, you will receive a certification in that area.  We are rolling out the first program in the summer of 2014:  Certification in Structural Yoga Therapy through Holistic Yoga Therapy Institute.  Look for the roll out of Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy,  and Yoga for Holistic Healing of Medical Conditions in 2015!  

800 and 1000 Hour Yoga Therapy Certificate

  • Must have completed a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Training Program (from any school)

  • for 800 hour Certificate OR have complete Holistic Yoga Therapy Institute's 200 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Training Program for 1000 hour certificate.
  • Within the immersions you choose, at least 6 must be labeled as “Primary” (to meet Yoga Alliance requirements)

  • In addition, students MUST complete the following Therapeutic Immersions within their additional 800 Hours.  These required immersions will address the following components: Yoga Foundations; Teaching and Therapeutic Skills; Yoga Therapy Tools and Their Application; and Professional Practice. 


  • Yoga Foundations:  Teaching and Philosophy (~23 hours)

  • The Art and Science of Meditation and Pranayama  (~23 Hours)

  • Kundalini Yoga  or Chakra Balancing (~23 Hours)

Teaching and Therapeutic Skills:

  • Structural Anatomy of Yoga (~23 Hours)

  • Energetic Anatomy of Yoga (~23 Hours)

  • Structural Assessment for Yoga Therapy (Upper Quarter and Spine/Lower Quarter) (~45 Hours)

  • Yin Yoga & Anatomy of Yoga (Two Immersions) (~45 Hours)

  • Yoga as Holistic Healing for Medical Conditions (Three Immersions) (~70 Hours)

  • Yoga for Chronic Pain (~23 Hours)

  • Art of Teaching Yoga (Two Immersions) (~45 Hours)

  • Therapeutic Principals of Sequencing (Two Immersions)  (~45 Hours)

  • Art of Assisting (Two Immersions) (~45 Hours)

  • Restorative Yoga (~23 Hours)

  • Yoga Nidra (~23 Hours)

  Yoga Therapy Tools and Their Application

  • Ayurvedic Medicine (Three Immersions ~ Vatta, Kapha, & Pitta Seasons) (~70 Hours)

  • Yoga for Anxiety & Depression (~20 Hours)

  • Yoga for Post Traumatic Stress & Trauma (~23 Hours)

  • Yoga for Seniors (~17 Hours)

  • Adaptive Yoga for Disabilities (~23 Hours)

  • Yoga for Cancer (~23 Hours)

  • Yoga for Athletes  (~23 Hours)

  • Thai Yoga Massage (~17 Hours)

  • Yoga for Myofascial Release (~23 Hours)

  • Letting Your Asana Emerge (~23 Hours)

  • Developing Interaction Skills for Working with a Senior Population (~10 Hours)

  • Professional Practice The Business of Yoga (~10 Hours)

  • Therapeutic Yoga for Kids (~23 Hours)

  • Raw Yoga: Yoga & Nutrition for Detoxification (~21 Hours)

Recommended Electives:

  • Iyengar Yoga (~20 Hours)

  • Ropes Wall Immersion (~15 Hours)

  • Yoga for Eating Disorders (~23 Hours)

  • Yoga for Chronic Pain (~23 Hours)

  • Pre Natal Yoga (~3 modules 70 hours)


  • A minimum of 150 hours of mentored therapeutic yoga practicum. For details about the various options to meet your Practicum Requirements please review the attached document.  After reviewing the document in detail if you have any further questions please contact our program director Chrys Kub at Chryskub@yogaclub.us To keep track of your practicum and immersion hours, we have provided you with a Practicum Tracking/Immersion Tracking Excel Sheet.  Please email Chrys for this sheet. 

We recommend that all students track throughout their participation in the program (i) an electronic copy of their application and enrollment form, (ii) all payments made for application or administrative fees in addition to payments for each immersion (when paid through PayPal a receipt should be automatically provided via e-mail direct from PayPal), (iii) all contact and non-contact hours completed within each individual immersion via the tracking template provided, (iv) all homework completed, and (v) all practicum hours completed via the practicum hours documentation chart provided. 

Existing RYT 500's ~ What is Required To Get a Therapeutic Yoga Certificate?

To receive a 500 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Certificate, you must complete the 300 hours of training in therapeutic yoga plus complete your practicum requirements.

Upon approval from the Program Director,  if you currently have a 500 Hour non-therapeutic yoga certificate of completion, but have taken immersions or workshops related to therapeutic yoga, Yoga Club may credit up to 75 hours toward your Therapeutic Yoga Training Program as long as these hours meet IAYT competencies requirements.

*If you join the program after 2014, upon approval from the Program Director, you can transfer up to 300 hours from another yoga therapy program towards an 800 or 1000 hour Therapeutic Yoga Certificate as long as those hours meet IAYT competency requirements. 

To qualify for transfer hours, you must submit a course syllabus with hours indicated for each topic area and a Curriculum Vitae of all faculty to the Program Director for review.   There will be an administrative fee for handling of all transfer hours to be determined based upon the number of hours transferred. 

We have submitted an application to IAYT for accreditation of our yoga therapy program, and will be able to provide information on our status after IAYT completes its review process. 

 How Much Will It Cost?

Cost wise, both the 200 Hour and 500 Hour Therapeutic Yoga programs will be structured just as outlined on the main page for each program for standard certificates of completion. 

Upon completing each of your weekend trainings, and taking any time needed to study, candidates for the 200 Hour RYT with concentration in Therapeutic Yoga  must pay an administrative fee of $200.00 for processing of the final project.  

Candidates for the 500/800/1000 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Certificates of Completion will pay an administration and practicum  fee of $1000.00.  Half this fee ($500.00)  should be paid prior to beginning your practicum training (ie any online, assisting or one on one sessions), the second half of the this fee ($500.00) must be paid [prior to completing the program.  This fee  does NOT need to be paid prior to starting the program.

Therapeutic Yoga Program Administration/Practicum Fees (to be paid prior to starting practicum, not prior to starting the program)

500/800/1000 Hour

Therapeutic Yoga Certificate of Completion

 200 Hour Certificate of Completion

with a Concentration in Therapeutic Yoga



What are the Potential Job Opportunities in Therapeutic Yoga?

Upon completing the Therapeutic Yoga Program with Yoga Club, what are the available options for finding a job? Does the Therapeutic Yoga Certificate of Completion still need to be used alongside an academic program in therapy, etc.?

The field of Yoga Therapy is exploding right now. There are many venues where you can explore offering your services. Right now there is no formal licensing for yoga therapists, so it is up to the individual how they would like to implement their training. Most likely, you would work doing private sessions with clients much like a personal trainer. You can work for yourself, work with a studio or for a healthcare practitioner. We recommend that you get liability insurance (much like a personal trainer) and of course get advanced training in yoga therapeutics (such as through our training) While it helps to have another degree (for example as a physical therapist or licensed counselor), it is not a requirement.

In our program, we will offer sessions on yoga therapy as a business, and provide you with mentoring and guidance as to how to implement your specific skill set into a career offering therapeutic yoga.

This is an evolving field in which the parameters are changing. We recommend you take a look at the website of our program director BalancedBody Yoga Therapy to give you an idea of how one can implement their training as a yoga therapist. You can also explore the International Association of Yoga Therapists website, where there are resources to assist you in designing a business for yourself.

 Pre-Requisites for Participation

1. Either a minimum of one year as both a practicing health care professional and yoga student or prior completion of a Yoga Alliance registered 200 Hour program.

2. Own and Watch the Following DVD's: (i) YogAnatomy Vol.1 and Vol. 2 an Introduction to Anatomy for Yoga Practitioners and Teachers by David Keil (available on Amazon or at http://www.yoganatomy.com/dvd-information/) and/or (ii) Anatomy for Yoga DVD by Paul Grilley (this can be purchased on Amazon or at www.pranamaya.com).  You can purchase all three on Amazon for $101.96.  Complete YogAnatomy Vol.1 and Vol.2 quiz on-line at http://www.yoganatomy.com/yoganatomy-vol-1-quiz/  

3. Know your anatomy! You should be able to name all the major bones and muscle groups from these diagrams.

4. Read summary article Yoga as Medicine ~ The Science Behind the Benefits

5. Complete application for either 200 or 500 Hours (whichever is applicable) highlighting on both the application and on any e-mail headers that you are applying for the Therapeutic Yoga training program.  If you are a practicing health care professional applying for the 200 hour please also include in your e-mail or application the following information (i) Name and Contact Information of Educational Institution including address, phone and website, (ii) Description of Educational Program Completed, (iii) ours study within the area of Anatomy & Kinesiology and description of studies, (iv) hours study if any within the area of pathology and a description of studies.  Please note that this information is simply to allow us to assess your background coming into the program.  We look forward to having you join us!

500/800/1000 Hour Application (Word or PDF)


Please complete and submit with payment

200 Hour YT Application (Word or PDF)   Please complete and submit with payment

6. For those pursuing IAYT designation, please review and sign the enrollment form E-mail a copy, or picture of a signed copy, prior to attending your first immersion to chryskub@yogaclub.us


If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Program Director Chrys Kub, Licensed Physical Therapist, Yoga Therapist, E-RYT 500 by e-mail at chryskub@yogaclub.us or by phone at 704-577-9282. 

Yoga Club is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School, RYS  

Yoga Club is both a 200 Hour and 500 Hour Registered Yoga School.  Our programs are registered with Yoga Alliance such that you can receive your RYT status post graduation.  To find out more about our program please contact chryskub@yogaclub.us

International Association of Yoga Therapists Member School, IAYT  

Yoga Club's Holistic Yoga Therapy Institute is also a member school with the International Association of Yoga Therapists offering a Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Program at both the 200 Hour and 500 Hour levels. We have submitted an application to IAYT for accreditation of our yoga therapy program, and will be able to provide information on our status after IAYT completes its review process.   To find out more about our program please contact chryskub@yogaclub.us  To register simply fill out the application and on any e-mail headers that you are applying for the Therapeutic Yoga Training Program.  We look forward to having you join us!

Continuing Education Credits ("CEC's)

Each of the weekends included in this program are led by an E-RYT (or an Experienced Registered Yoga Instructor).  As such, each weekend training is eligible for CEC's with Yoga Alliance.  For more information about CEC's please visit the Yoga Alliance website at http://www.yogaalliance.org/content/continuing-education-units-requirements

Yoga Club is a Member Yoga School with:

Yoga Club is a Registered Yoga School with:




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